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Pandora Radio Advertising

Pandora Radio Advertising:

Pandora connects bands, brands and fans through the passion point of music. The most advanced audience targeting available in the personalized listening experience market, reaching 80 million listeners per month at work, at home, at play and on-the-go.

Today’s consumers are “always on, always” connected, and always multitasking. As such, marketers are challenged with finding ways to break through and make truly engaged connections. We believe music is the key to unlocking the mobility mindset.

Better than traditional radio advertising, Pandora is a complete local advertising solution that leverages the power of a logged-in user base to target only the local listeners you want to reach without any waste.


YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising:

YouTube TrueView in-stream ads let targeted viewers choose to watch your ad, or skip it after it plays for at least 5 seconds. You only pay when a viewer watches your full ad (or at least 30 seconds of it).

With a wide variety of targeting methods available, such as demographic, geography, interests, context, placements and remarketing lists, you can reach specific or niche audiences based on who they are, what they’re interested in, and what content they’re viewing.

In-stream ads are available as pre-, mid-, and post-rolls, in 30 or 60 seconds or longer. This is perfect for recreating the TV advertising experience in a highly targeted, more efficient way.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management:

After years of running your business, and countless advertising methods tested to fill your sales funnel, along comes a Harvard freshman by the name of Mark Zuckerberg to disrupt every single thing you knew about reaching your potential customers. Now, it seems as though teenage daughters know more about marketing than most business owners. The fact is, EVERYONE is on social media these days. It’s time to integrate social media into your marketing objectives.

From targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to simply taking over your social media presence, ChartLocal is well equipped to be your outsourced social media partner.

Active, current and engaging social media pages create credibility, build a loyal following of “word-of-mouth” advocates and send signals of relevancy to search engines which are critical to your success. When we build your social media profiles and your online followers, we increase your SEO rand and see a drastic boost in site traffic.


Social Media Contesting

Social Media Contesting:

We have a proprietary software tool that allows you to run interactive and engaging sweepstakes contests right on your facebook page! Whether you want to grow your business page “likes”, add people to your e-mail database, or generating qualified leads – we can tailor a campaign to accomplish your goals.

Contests offer a range of benefits: they give people a reason to connect with you, make your page more fun, and gain more exposure for your brand and site.

The key to a successful social media contest is offering a significant prize that justifies the requirement for entry. The more time and information you are asking for from the contestant, the more you have to offer in return. Don’t worry! We have many case studies to share with you!


Database Marketing

Database Marketing:

American Express published a study in 2012 during the launch of the Small Business Saturday campaign that said about 80% of annual sales for small and medium size businesses can be attributed to roughly 20% of their customer base. Don’t you think it is worthwhile to stay in touch with that 20%?

Increase repeat business, referrals, online reviews, social media followers, word-of-mouth and customer engagement with a database marketing strategy that includes Email and Text Campaigns.

Sure, you can do it yourself… but it is time consuming! In the world of database marketing, content is king. A clean list of organically collected subscribers who are interested in your business is a great start, but how do you keep them interested and interacting (via opens, clicks, purchases, etc)? That’s where we come in.


HD Video Production

HD Video Production:

Don’t get left behind. Video is becoming the most preferred content for consumers. Businesses, small and large, are quickly finding out that a well-crafted video can communicate faster and more efficiently than any other kind of content – using sight, sound, motion and emotion. Videos no longer need to be viral; they simply need to be clear and concise and tell your story.

Adding video to your marketing strategy will help with building your brand, engaging prospective customers, and improving your site’s SEO, among many other benefits. For instance, Google ranks pages with video content higher than those without. Videos increase time on your website and decrease your bounce rate. Sites with video acquire more leads than those without.

Our services include: corporate videos, online video advertising, brand & product videos, lifestyle marketing videos, community marketing videos, video case studies, training & educational videos, charity videos, music videos, documentary films, live web streaming, website videos, event and gala videos, news interviews, wedding videos, aerial footage & drone videos, action sport videos, underwater photography and more!


Brand Identity

Brand Identity:

A brand is a well thought out promise. It’s a strategic combination of a logo, words, typefaces, colors, personality, customer service, value, price, aesthetics, voice, and attitude – all working together to convey the essence of what your company, product, or service stands for. Your identity is your brand– and it must be consistent in everything you do.

A strong brand delivers a clear, concise, credible and memorable message. It connects with its most qualified audience at an emotional level. It motivates buyers and reinforces their loyalty.

ChartLocal Digital Marketing Agency has a tried and true methodology for creating successful brands. We begin with research and discovery, interviewing key stakeholders and developing your own brand story. Once we have established your identity and unique selling proposition (USP), we move into the creative phase. This typically involves developing a logo, tagline, style guide, and may include any number of other deliverables such as sales collateral, animated graphics, copywriting and more.


Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development:

It is hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone with at least one mobile app that they use on a daily basis. Most people rely on three or four apps daily.

Mobile Application development isn’t for everyone.

The key is to focus on solving a real problem. Mobile applications that can solve problems by completing tasks quicker, user resources more efficiently, reduce waste, and present a more professional image will pay for themselves many times over.

We begin our process in building a business plan for your mobile application idea. We’ll create an outline of what the app should do, how it will solve a problem, and how you can get a return of and on your investment within a reasonable amount of time. Give us a call and let’s discuss your big idea!